H.A.P., Inc.

We're all about people

Residential Services began in Montgomery County in 1984 in response to a request for proposals for providers to participate in the dispersal into the community of people living at Pennhurst State Center.

Human Achievement Project, Inc. was formed in 1987 as a private corporation which assumed the contract previously serviced by Help A Person, Inc. of Beaver County.
At that point the company provided services to twelve individuals living in four locations.
Currently we serve twenty seven people living in ten locations.

In 1989, Human Achievement Program, Inc. was formed as a separate corporation to provide services in Cumberland/Perry Counties.
We currently serve thirty individuals living in nine locations.

The two corporations were founded with the belief that given the appropriate support, people can live fulfilling lives in their own communities as opposed to institutional care.

Although very similar in design, both companies operate as separate entities with common ownership.