H.A.P., Inc.

We're all about people

The premise of the service is that people with developmental disabilities will have the opportunity to live as normal a life as possible using as normal of means as possible, including living in as normal of an enviroment as possible.

It is not our goal to "cure" people, rather the service is directed toward accepting and supporting individuals in being who they are, while minimizing barriers to integration and pursuing self fulfillment.



The small family style design promotes attention to the individual details of supports, while the physical design of the houses lend themselves well to being a part of an established neighborhood.

The specific supports provided are based upon each individual and vary from teaching daily living skills to assisting with obtaining appropriate health care. Some people require minimal assistance with budgeting and food preparation while others may require extensive assistance with personal hygiene tasks.

The goal is that each person be involved in their daily routine to the greatest extent possible with supports in place to insure their success.